Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chasing Waves

My friend and one of his flat mates were heading out to go surfing in the Coromandel for the day, and asked if I wanted to come, of course I jumped at the chance with the option to finally fulfil an adventurous activity which plays a big role in the youth tourism as a sense of difference and challenge is required in order to benefit and grow as a youthful identity.

We drove through the lush countryside, on through the small town of Paeroa where we drank the world famous in New Zealand L&P soft drink. Through the Karangahake Gorge were we stopped at the natural reserve and with a fair degree of coaxing jumped into the Waitawheta River below which well and truly provided for this youth adrenalin rush which dictates many of their activities and tourism practices. We reached our destination of Waihi Beach were I spent the day attempting to catch some waves and enjoying the beach vibe. After another surf in the afternoon and with the help of my friend and his flatmate as my surf instructors I managed to catch a few nice rides much to my own amazement. With surfing the awesome waves of New Zealand well and truly ticked off my list we packed up and headed back to Hamilton for my last night.

A major asset of Hamilton is the beautiful and diverse surrounding areas and Hamilton's tourist marketing encompasses this, positioning itself as a central hub in which provides a great place to base yourself to enjoy the city but also the surrounding scenery and activities. This is often representative of youth tourists having a central point through which they travel from and experience the surrounding activities and places of interest, before moving on to another central location.

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